Asbestos Removal and Disposal

The asbestos disposal in Perth has to be carried out with great care and vigilance as it is a material which can impose serious health issues and effects. The required knowledge and experience regarding disposal and removal of asbestos can be found at Capital Demolition. The asbestos disposal Perth have a team of workers having tickets and demolition training in safe asbestos removal. These workers are approved by WorkSafe and have Restricted Asbestos License. This team of professionals offers competitive prices with a significant market reputation for giving quality services.


The incorrect handling of asbestos can lead to severe outputs that is why this task is given to the professionals to handle. The team of qualified and experienced tradesperson is given the responsibility to remove asbestos safely and efficiently according to legislative requirements. Asbestos without paint is sprinkled with a sticky glue to fasten up the loose fibers. The licensed asbestos disposal in Perth removes bonded asbestos with weak hands and follows strict procedures to make sure the fiber does not get airborne.


Asbestos can be found in the following places:

  • Interior surfaces such as heat reflectors, acoustical tiles, and textured paint
  • Batt insulation or lose blow-in fill
  • Tiles, vinyl asbestos sheets
  • Exterior surfaces like window putty, roof felt and shingles, etc
  • Heaters, piping, and boilers

The asbestos removal Perth gives its client a piece of mind by ensuring that their businesses or homes are secure. It is done by having a complete analysis of the site to identify the hazards. Minimizing any inconvenience caused by this process, the neighbors of the site are made aware of the subsequent disturbance and assured that the task would be done quickly.


After the disposal process has been completed the material removed is carefully packaged and wrapped into small reasonable sizes of 200um plastic bags. Afterward, they are transported to the asbestos landfill site and disposed of. It is not possible for the asbestos disposal Perth to be disposed of in an ordinary bin also the PPE clothing needs to be discarded correctly.


The asbestos disposal Perth ensures the safety and health of its customers and everybody else involved in the operation by following proper removal measures. They also make sure to remove the disturbance caused to the customer on a daily basis. From initial working till the task has been completed the disposal companies respond quickly to the customer’s needs. Their services excel in providing excellent services and dedication.